4 Tips for Teaching with the Count 1 to 300 poster

This blog post is intended to provide a few ideas for using the Count 1 to 300 poster with a child learning how to count.  The poster was designed by education experts with the goal of helping kids to recognize numerical patterns.  

Parents and Teachers can use this design and the tips below to help teach a range of students including kindergarten and pre-k classrooms to Montessori schools to day care centers and and homes of parents wanting to establish a solid foundation in math skills for there children.

3 Tips for Teaching with the Count 1 to 300 poster:

  1. "Find your favorite number" - Ask the child what his/her favorite number is and why.  Then tell the child that the number is waiting to see you on the poster.  You just need to go find it.  Ideally, the child will be intrinsically motivated to explore the poster. 
  2. "Find the color pattern" - Ask the child to identify the patterns of colors shown in the rows.  This presents a valuable teachable moment to explain what Rows are and how a tab is a set of Rows and Columns.  In terms of counting, prompt the child to recognize how rows of 10 are repeated across every additional hundred.
  3. "Calculate the number of minutes in 300 seconds" - Ask the child to find 60.  Then ask the child to find 120.  Then 180.  Asking the child to count the number of rows between 60 to 120.  Then count the rows from 120 to 180.  Ask the child to add that number of row to 180, which have him/her land at 240.  Add that number of rows again to 240 and he/she should land at 300.  Help the child to understand that there are 60 seconds in 1 minutes and 300 seconds in 5 minutes.
  4. "Count by 10s" - Ask the child to count by 10s all the ways to 100 then 200 then 300 over time.  Emphasize the repetition in colors from 1-300 when counting my 10s.

We hope these tips suggestions are beneficial.  Please let use know your ideas and suggestions for teaching with the Count 1 to 300 poster.